Maki-tech Rollator - Silver Car Carry Through N CS-10 シルバーカー キャリースルーンN CS-10

Maki-tech Rollator - Silver Car Carry Through N CS-10 シルバーカー キャリースルーンN CS-10

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Product Descriptions:

  • The rollator is manufactured by Maki-tech Co., Ltd. 株式会社マキテック
  • It features the "Step through function" which helps users pass steps on the street easily!

  • Adjustable height of the handle, fitting for different people
  • A hand brake that can be reached by stretching your finger while holding the handle.

  • Grip shape that fits the palm. It is hard to slip, easy to hold, easy to walk
  • The front wheel is equipped with a caster whose direction of the tire changes freely.

  • Locking the direction of the tire improves straight running. You can walk well even on slopes.
  • There are four reflectors. Two places in front and at the front, easy to recognize even on dark roads
  • Convenient umbrella stand
  • Easy to fold, the luggage of the bag is intact. It is very convenient for carrying around by stairs and elevators and waiting rooms.
  • With a seat. Just turn the seat forward and it will turn into a chair everywhere, but even with the seat, it achieves a lightness of less than 4 kg.



  • Name: Maki-tech Rollator - Silver Car Carry Through N CS-10 シルバーカー キャリースルーンN CS-10
  • Manufacturer: Maki-tech (Maki Life Tech)
  • Functions: 1. Double caster 3 WAY (front wheel) 2. Hand brake (bar handle)
  • Color: Pink, Brown, Navy Blue, Flower
  • JAN code: CS-10PK: 498501-931406; CS-10NB: 498501-931307; CS-10BR: 498501-931505; CS-10FB: 4968501-946608
  • Main material: Frame (Aluminum); Main Plastic Parts (Polypropylene); Tire (Fired EVA); Bag (Nylon)
  • Seat (cm): W22.8 × D20.7
  • Bag size (cm): Front bag / W15 × D12 × H28 capacity 4 liters; Rear bag / W23 × D4 × 20 · capacity 1 liter
  • Seat height (cm): 44
  • Body size (Full width*Overall height*Full length) (cm): 42.6*80-100*55.7
  • Folding dimension (Full width*Overall height*Full length) (cm): 42.6*73.7-93.7*31
  • Weight (kg): 3.7
  • Load capacity (kg): 100 


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