Super Grip for elderly and children in Bathroom

Super Grip for elderly and children in Bathroom

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1.The bottom of the suction cup is made of high composite imported material, which has the characteristics of not easy deformation, aging resistance, oil resistance and acid resistance.

2.Sucker adopts vacuum lock type structure, only need to gently rotate 60 degrees, can be firmly adsorbed on the wall , no need to dig or using glue, will not leave traces on the wall. It has strong suction (single sucker can be 7.5KG maximum load), only takes 3 seconds to install and disassemble, and it is reusable.

3.Super suction cup with the simple shape and stylish shelf, not only easy to install, safe and stable performance, but also beautify the home environment.

4.Can be installed directly on the roughness smooth surface: smooth ceramic tile, glass, stainless steel, metal decorative surface, plastic decorative surface, refrigerators, washing machines and other metal coating surface.

5.FOR TEMPORARY USE ALSO: Users can install and remove the handle without tools in hotels. It is Perfect for snowbirds, vacations, hotel stays, renters, temporary rehabilitation.


Installation instructions:

1.Make sure the walls are clean and smooth, clean the contact area with a dry cloth or paper towel first.

2.Press the suction cup,making the the suction cup  tightly adhered to the wall surface.

3.Easy to lock, with the suction clockwise rotation 60 degrees, after hearing the sound, then the installation completed.



Material: ABS engineering plastics

Size: approx. 196*65*45mm

Sucker diameter: 6cm

Withstand gravity:15kg

Color: Silver

Applicable for: Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room

Adsorption range: Glass, Mirror, Acrylic board, Marble, Steel plate, Melamine board, Tiles and other smooth surface



The product cannot be applied to sub smooth surface, wood finishes, matte surface, antique patterns and other concave-convex feeling materials 



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