(10packs)75% Disposable Alcohol Wipes (Effectively eliminate living virus and bacteria)

(10packs)75% Disposable Alcohol Wipes (Effectively eliminate living virus and bacteria)

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Product Descriptions:

  • Use - Can be used for skin, around wounds, disinfection before injection; cleaning and disinfection of keyboards, telephones, office supplies, portable supplies, tableware, children's toys, etc .; items that are often in contact before use, toilet seats, etc .; small outdoor travel, camping wounds
  • Feature - After using this product for wiping and disinfection, it will completely volatilize and leave no residue after about 30 seconds. Alcohol wipe can not only be disinfected, but also suitable for camping in the wild! Easy to use and carry-single-piece individual packaging, simply tear the packaging and use it to disinfect wounds and instruments. Much more than the traditional usage of bottled alcohol, iodine plus cotton balls, cotton swabs, gauze and tweezers!


  • Condition: 100% brand new and high quality
  • Material: 75% medical alcohol, non-woven fabric, RO pure water 
  • Sterilization rate: 99.99%
  • Size of each piece: 16*18cm
  • Package Includes: 10 packs (100 pcs) Disposable alcohol wipes


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  • We will process the order 1-3 days once the order is confirmed. This product may take 12-20 days to arrive at the US, depending on your location.

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