Cleye Cane - Telescopic Slim Neck Aluminium Cane

Cleye Cane - Telescopic Slim Neck Aluminium Cane

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Product Descriptions:

  • It features slim neck type that fingers can hold the cane comfortably and firmly. Even if you hold it for a long time, the finger won't get hurt. Easy to grip, it is easy to put force, so it's safe.
  • Even if the thin neck structure, the inside part of the thin neck is made of metal. So, it is thin but strong and safe.

  • The grip is made of real wood (rosewood in Red cane, chicken-wing wood in Black cane) that has a warm and luxurious feel.

  • Ergonomic grip allow users to hold the cane safely. 
  • Elegant dragon pattern and easy to use for everyone!  
  • Height adjustable between 60-95cm

  • It is lightweight(260g), so it is easy to carry. Even carrying for a long time, the user won't feel tired.
  • Non-slip rubber base increases wear resistance.


  • Name: Cleye Cane - Telescopic Slim Neck Aluminium Cane
  • Manufacturer: Cleye
  • Size: 60-95cm
  • Weight: 260g 
  • Material: Aluminium(body), Wood(grip)


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