Koraman Cane - LED 4-point Telescopic Cane

Koraman Cane - LED 4-point Telescopic Cane

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Product Descriptions:

  • It features a 4-point base with larger contact area than single leg walking cane. It can support the weight of the user on this 4 non-slip rubber. Thus, it can provide the users with extra stability on different road surfaces or terrains.
  • The 4-point legs can stand itself while no one holding on it, so it is convenient for the users to stand the cane anywhere without finding a place to rest the cane.
  • LED lighting function for convenient night use.
  • Height adjustable between 57-93cm.
  • The grip is soft and ergonomic so it allows users to hold the cane safely and comfortably.
  • Anti-slip rubber base increases resistance with the ground. Suitable for mud roads, gravel roads and snow.


  • Name: Koraman Cane - LED 4-point Telescopic Cane
  • Height: 57-93cm
  • Weight: 450g
  • Batteries: 2 AA buttons 
  • Material: Aluminum


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