Kowa(Tacao F) Rollator - Silver Car Compact Type SLC 08 プチカ SLC 08

Kowa(Tacao F) Rollator - Silver Car Compact Type SLC 08 プチカ SLC 08

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Product Descriptions:

  • The rollator is manufactured by Kowa Seisakusho(Tacao F) 株式会社幸和製作所 こうわせいさくしょ
  • It features its compact size, so the users can easily steer and pass through doors or indoor aisles.
  • It also features its lightweight car body, so the users also can go shopping outside with the rollator without much effort. 
  • Right and left interlocking two-hand brake. Because it is linked, it is a brake that can be operated with less power.
  • With a bag for storing stuff!
  • The wheels of the rollator can be easily locked by the step lock
  • Elegant pattern design!
  • Aluminium frame
  • Two-wheel brake
  • Adjustable handle for standing
  • With a belt and a cane stand, users can hold a cane at the side of the car
  • Folding



  • Name: Kowa(Tacao F) Rollator - Silver Car Compact Type SLC 08 プチカ SLC 08
  • Manufacturer: Kowa Seisakusho(Tacao F) 株式会社幸和製作所 こうわせいさくしょ
  • Functions: 1. Hand brake (bar handle) 2. Compact size and lightweight 3. Lock the car by the step lock 4. Folding
  • Color: Orange, black
  • JAN code: Orange: 4938765000932; Black: 4938765009296
  • Main material: Body (Aluminum alloy); Seat / Bag (Polyester)
  • Seat (cm): W25 x D17.5
  • Bag size (cm): Front bag; W23 × D20.5 × H25.5
  • Seat height (cm): 43.5
  • Body size (Full width*Overall height*Full length) (cm): 41.5*76.5-90.5(4 levels)*49.5 
  • Folding dimension (Full width*Overall height*Full length) (cm): 41.5*82.5*21.5
  • Weight (kg): 3.3
  • Load capacity (kg): 80 


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