Kowa(Tacao F) Rollator - Walking Car Little Slim WAW04 テイコブリトルスリム WAW04

Kowa(Tacao F) Rollator - Walking Car Little Slim WAW04 テイコブリトルスリム WAW04

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Product Descriptions:

  • The rollator is manufactured by Kowa Seisakusho(Tacao F) 株式会社幸和製作所 こうわせいさくしょ
  • Width 47cm, Light weight 4.5 kg. The smallest class among walking cars. Lightweight and easy to carry and handle

  • The turning radius of the body is as small as 66cm, and it is possible to change direction in a small range and make small turns.

  • The height of handle can be adjusted widely with 64cm to 91cm (10 levels). 

  • With a small bag for storing stuff, so it can be used in indoor or outdoor.
  • You can set the movement of the front wheels in three modes to your liking by turning the caster switch knob up and down. [Mode 1: Casters only go straight; Mode 2: Casters restricted to move 90o; Mode 3: Casters can turn 360o]
  • Easy to lock to wheels with one touch with the parking brake button. When the parking brake button is pressed, the rear wheels are locked and the parking brake is applied. It will be released if you grasp the grip and hand brake together
  • Wide rear wheel design so the wheels will not fall into grooves and holes.
  • Aluminium frame
  • Two-wheel brake
  • The seat can be lift when it is not used, for better walking experience

  • Easy to fold with one touch with the switch. It is self-supporting even when folded, so it can be stored clearly even in narrow places.



  • Name: Kowa(Tacao F) Rollator - Walking Car Little Slim WAW04 テイコブリトルスリム WAW04
  • Manufacturer: Kowa Seisakusho(Tacao F) 株式会社幸和製作所 こうわせいさくしょ
  • Functions: 1. Double (front wheel) caster in 3 modes 2. Hand brake (bar handle) 3. Wide seat 4. Lock the car by one touch with lowering the brake handle 5. Folding
  • Main material: Body (Aluminum)
  • Color: Brown, Blue
  • Seat (cm): W23.5 x D25
  • Seat height (cm): 48
  • Body size (Full width*Overall height*Full length) (cm): 47*64-91(10 levels)*58
  • Folding dimension (Full width*Overall height*Full length) (cm): 47*72*35
  • Weight (kg): 4.5
  • Load capacity (kg): 75 


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