Luxury Wood Walking Cane

Luxury Wood Walking Cane

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Product Descriptions:

  • The walking canes are made of genuine wood (Ebony wood), which has a warm, simple yet luxurious feel. 
  • Ebony wood - Ebony remains one of the world’s most expensive exotic woods. Trees are small and slow growing, contributing to its high price tag. It is usually used to engrave art and make furniture such as chairs. Those with good quality can also be used to make musical instruments.
  • The grip is ergonomic so it allows users to hold the cane safely and comfortably.


  • Name: Luxury Wood Walking Cane
  • Length: 72-92cm
    • About the cane length of all six types of the canes in this product page, we can make a change of the cane length to fit for your height. You can write down the cane length that you want on the note("Add a note to your order") in the cart page, and we will make one for you. If you do not make a note to us, we will give you the default cane length - 88cm.
    • Suitable Length of Walking Cane for Different Height of People
  • Weight: About 500g
  • Material: Ebony wood
  • Package included: 
    • T-handle(one piece): cane*1, rubber cap*1
    • Knob handle(one piece): cane*1, rubber cap*1
    • T-handle(3 detachable sections): cane*1, storage bag*1, rubber cap*2
    • Knob handle(3 detachable sections): cane*1, storage bag*1, rubber cap*2
    • T-handle with carved spindle(one piece): cane*1, rubber cap*1
    • Knob handle with carved spindle(one piece): cane*1, rubber cap*1


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