Shima Product Walking Cane - Carbon Fiber Slim Neck Telescopic 4-point Walking Stick オールカーボンクオッドケイン四点式

Shima Product Walking Cane - Carbon Fiber Slim Neck Telescopic 4-point Walking Stick オールカーボンクオッドケイン四点式

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Product Descriptions:

  • It features the carbon fiber in the body, legs and the grip of the 4-point walking cane which is ultimately lightweight(400g) and strong. These carbon fiber walking canes are made of the same high-tech and durable materials as high-performance vehicles such as aircraft parts, sports equipment and racing cars. They are durable and well-built to withstand years of use. By the ultra lightweight experience, the user won't feel tired at all for a long walk or travel. More importantly, the lightweight walking cane can be used with less load on the wrist and elbow.
  • It features the 4-point legs that provide extra support for the users to gain stability.
  • It features the various patterns designed in the walking canes.
  • It features slim neck type that fingers can hold the cane comfortably and firmly. Even if you hold it for a long time, the finger won't get hurt. Easy to grip, it is easy to put force, so it's safe.

  • Even if the thin neck structure, the inside part of the thin neck is made of carbon fiber. So, it is thin but strong and safe.
  • Height adjustable between 60.5-86cm(11 adjustable levels)
  • The grip is double molding in soft part and hard part. The soft part covers the grip outside, so it is easy to hold, easy to get familiar with and hard to get tired.

  • Ergonomic grip allow users to hold the cane safely. 
  • The non-slip rubber base increases wear resistance.


  • Name: Shima Product Walking Cane - Carbon Fiber Slim Neck Telescopic 4-point Walking Stick オールカーボンクオッドケイン四点式
  • Manufacturer: Shima Product Co., Ltd 株式会社 島製作所
  • Length: 60.5-86cm(11 adjustable levels)
  • Base size: 14*18.5cm
  • Pipe diameter: 24mm(upper part), 19mm(lower part)
  • Weight: 400g 
  • Material: Carbon(body), Carbon(grip), TPE(grip cover), Synthetic rubber(rubber cap)
  • Applicable rubber cap inner diameter: 15mm


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