Taketora Cane - Hugo Sticky ヒューゴステッキ

Taketora Cane - Hugo Sticky ヒューゴステッキ

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Product Descriptions:

  • It features a wide rubber cane tip hem that contact the ground in a wide area in order to secure a stable and non-slippery contact with ground.
  • A soft grip cane that can be easily grasped.
  • Ergonomic grip allow users to hold the cane safely.
  • Elegant color and easy to use for everyone!  
  • Height adjustable between 68-96cm(12 levels)


  • Name: Taketora Cane - Hugo Sticky ヒューゴステッキ
  • Manufacturer: Taketora Holdings Co., Ltd. 竹虎ホールディングス 株式会社
  • Size: 68-96cm(12 levels)
  • Pipe diameter: 22mm(Top), 19mm(Lower part)
  • Weight: 460g 
  • Material: Aluminium(body), TPR(grip), Natural rubber(Tip)


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