With One Rollator - Support Car Healthy One Light ヘルシーワン・ライト

With One Rollator - Support Car Healthy One Light ヘルシーワン・ライト

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Product Descriptions:

  • The rollator is manufactured by With One Co., Ltd.(Zojirushi-baby Ltd.) ウィズワン株式会社 (象印ベビー株式会社)
  • Fully support the body, support walking in a comfortable posture.
  • Adjust the height of the handle in four stages to suit your body.
  • You can set the movement of the front wheels in two modes to your liking by turning the caster switch knob. [Mode 1: Casters only go straight; Mode 2: Casters move 30o left and right]
  • If the hand brake is hard to reach, turn the screw and adjust easily.
  • Easy to lock the wheels by one touch with pressing the button(parking stopper) in the hand brake. Unlock if you hold the brake.

  • It folds compactly with one touch.
  • Lightweight aluminum finish that resists rusting.
  • Nice attention, with a cane and umbrella stand.
  • Reflectors with a safe night even in dark night.



  • Name: With One Rollator - Support Car Healthy One Light ヘルシーワン・ライト
  • Manufacturer: With One Co., Ltd.(Zojirushi-baby Ltd.) ウィズワン株式会社 (象印ベビー株式会社)
  • Functions: 1. Casters(front wheel) turn in two modes 2. Hand brake (bar handle) 3. Support body and walking 4. A parking stopper on the handle 5. Folding
  • Color: Blue, Brown 
  • JAN code: Blue (JAN 201143); Brown (JAN 201136)
  • Body size (Full width*Overall height*Full length) (cm): 48*72-88(4 levels)*52
  • Folding dimension (Full width*Overall height*Full length) (cm): 21*83*30
  • Weight (kg): 3.55
  • Load capacity (kg): 75 
  • ※ This product is mainly for the elderly and is not suitable for use by people who can not walk on their own. This product is not for rehabilitation.


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