Pioneer Walking Cane - Carbon Fiber Slim Neck Telescopic Cane

Pioneer Walking Cane - Carbon Fiber Slim Neck Telescopic Cane

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Product Descriptions:

  • It features the carbon fiber cane which is ultimately lightweight(210g) and strong. These carbon fiber canes are made of the same high-tech and durable materials as high-performance vehicles such as aircraft parts, sports equipment and racing cars. They are durable and well-built to withstand years of use. By the ultra lightweight experience, the user won't feel tired at all for a long walk or travel. More importantly, the lightweight walking cane can be used with less load on the wrist and elbow.
  • It features slim neck type that fingers can hold the cane comfortably and firmly. Even if you hold it for a long time, the finger won't get hurt. Easy to grip, it is easy to put force, so it's safe.

  • Height adjustable between 62.5-100cm.
  • The grip is made of genuine wood(Chicken wing wood) that has a warm and luxurious feel.

  • The grip is ergonomic so it allows users to hold the cane safely and comfortably.
  • Its matte surface makes its elegant.
  • Arbitrary and precise adjustment height - It adopts in-tube expansion and external locking to fasten the height according to the required height. It can be accurately fixed to the inside of the millimeter. The external lock is fastened by one touch with the lock.
  • Anti-slip rubber base increases resistance with the ground. Suitable for mud roads, gravel roads and snow.



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