Single Preserved Rose Chemically Preserved Real Rose 21cm

Single Preserved Rose Chemically Preserved Real Rose 21cm

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Product Descriptions:

  • [100% real roses] - Totally real roses. They are preserved flowers which are not made of silk or any other materials. The preserved flowers do not need water or direct sunlight. They are cut when they are most beautiful. These flowers have gone through a special preservation process and a cutting-edge technology, which can keep their freshness and beauty for years.
  • [Quality assurance] - It starts to fade after a few days? No, we assure that the preserved rose can maintain its quality and last for at least one year. Not withered. The recommended viewing time is 1 year. From the preservation process to delivery to the customer, we only keep up to two months of inventory.
  • [Unique Gift] - The preserved flowers symbolizes eternal love, appreciation and care, and the rose we preserve means eternal true love. This is a perfect gift for family, relatives and friends. It can be used on almost all occasions, such as Valentine's Day, wedding, proposal, Christmas, party, birthday, Thanksgiving and anniversaries. The one you love deserves a real rose.
  • [Packed carefully] - The cylindrical box includes special internal fixation design - a strong transparent horizontal plastic middle layer and transparent clip firmly fix the flower's stem on the cylindrical box, so it can protect the flowers and leaves from displacing during transportation. The flower is firmly attached to the base, so it will not fall off even if they are upside down. Bubble wrap is packed on the outermost surface of the package to avoid damage during transportation.
  • [Seasonal limited product] This product may end after the Valentine's day of 2024

    What are preserved flowers?:

    • The preserved flowers have gone through a special preservation process, which is a cutting-edge technology.
    • When we preserve these flowers, we cut the roses when they are most beautiful.
    • They have been dried, dehydrated, preserved in chemical liquid and then dyed again to preserve the best appearance. This method utilizes the mechanism of cell fluid replacement and cell sealing treatment with a plant treatment agent, so that the plant maintains its natural posture, texture and flexibility.
    • Neither watering, nor sunlight is needed. These preserved flowers can keep their freshness and beauty for years.

    Maintenance of the preserved flowers::

    • 1. Preserved flower products have a preservation period of more than one year, and the recommended viewing period is one year.
    • 2. This product is an interior decoration, please avoid placing it outdoors or in strong sunlight.


    • Weight(item + cylindrical plastic box): 44g / 1.55oz
    • Item Weight: 2.39 oz
    • Size of cylindrical plastic box: 6.2*6.2*21cm / 2.4*2.4*8.3 inches
    • Package size: 8.70 x 2.83 x 2.83 in
    • Package weight: 0.15pound 
    • Package includes: Preserved single rose(with cylindrical plastic box)*1

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