Slim neck folding cane with real wood handle

Slim neck folding cane with real wood handle

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Product Descriptions:

  • Real wood handle - made of luxurious wood
  • Folding function -  for easy storage
  • Beautiful wood grain - high-quality wood grain stick can highlight your elegant personality
  • Adjustable height - walking stick length can be adjusted between 78-88cm
  • Slim neck - It features slim neck type that fingers can hold the cane comfortably and firmly. Even if you hold it for a long time, the finger won't get hurt. Easy to grip, it is easy to put force, so it's safe.


  • Cane length(unfold):  78-88cm(5 levels of height adjustable)
  • Cane length(folded):  33cm
  • Cane weight: 328g
  • Material:  Aluminium, wood


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