V-shaped Two-way Strap Sport Knee Pads with Elastic Spring Support and Patellar Pads for Load-reducing and Compression Protection

V-shaped Two-way Strap Sport Knee Pads with Elastic Spring Support and Patellar Pads for Load-reducing and Compression Protection

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Product Descriptions:

  • [Suitable for Sports] Enhance your sports experience with our professional knee pads. Considering the different knee mobility during exercise, for example, the joint curvature changes the most during running, the two-way sports knee pad can not only provide the best support during the activity, but also improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. Stay active and enjoy your favorite sport with confidence and comfort.
  • [Dynamic Knee Support by Elastic Springs for Load-reducing] Both sides equipped with elastic springs strips, which elevate your knee support with our advanced knee pad featuring elastic springs designed to provide dynamic and targeted support. Ideal for seniors seeking comfort and stability during daily activities.
  • [Silicone Shock Absorption Technology] Our knee pad goes beyond the ordinary, incorporating a silicone protector(patellar pads) for superior shock absorption and knee stability. Experience unmatched comfort while safeguarding your knees from impacts, making it a perfect choice for elderly individuals looking for reliable joint care.
  • [Breathable material] Stay cool and comfortable with our breathable knee pad, featuring sweat-absorbent material and ventilation cloth designs in the popliteal part. Enjoy the support you need without sacrificing comfort.
  • [Tailored for aging knees] Our knee pad is a versatile solution addressing joint discomfort and instability. Ideal for seniors proactively managing knee health, it aids in injury recovery, stabilizes the patella, and supports knee ligaments with precision.
  • [Durable] Invest in durability with our long-lasting knee pad Crafted to withstand the test of time, it ensures consistent support for the unique needs of elderly individuals. Prioritize reliability and performance for sustained knee health.
  • [Compression Protection] Whether stabilizing, redistributing weight, or aiding in healing, this structured knee sleeve offers targeted support. The structure of the knee pad provides compression to help reduce direct pressure from the thigh on a damaged meniscus or torn ligament. Improve blood flow, enhance recovery, and take a proactive step toward knee well-being.
  • [Find relief with our knee pad, specially designed for knee pain] Support your joint, alleviate pain, and enhance healing. Easy to put on and adjust, it's perfect for managing swelling after an injury, providing targeted relief and prevention.
  • [Tailored comfort and fit] Enjoy a personalized fit with our adjustable V-shaped Two-way Strap Sport Knee Pads, ensuring maximum comfort for elderly users.
  • [Easy to Wear and Remove]    Simplify your daily routine with a knee pad that is easy to wear and remove. Perfect for seniors who prioritize convenience, our knee pad ensures hassle-free use while delivering the support needed for various activities.



    • Size: M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL
    • Package size: 30*20*2cm
    • Package weight: 110g
    • Fabric: Nylon, Spandex
    • Contents:
      • Knee brace*1


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